FTC Disclosure

Under new FTC guidelines all bloggers must disclose earnings from product reviews, blog post or other endorsements. In order to meet those guidelines I've written a short all in one disclosure policy.

 If you’re reading my blog, you should assume the following:
  • My goal is to make money from this and every other blog I own or work on. If I’m not making money then you can be assured that I'm working hard at trying to correct the situation so that I can. Sorry but we all have to pay the bills somehow.
  • Every product link, banner or button on this blog is a paid, affiliate or referral link. If it is not then it was an oversight on my part and it will be soon.
  • I get free or discounted products to review. If I'm reviewing a product chances are I got it for free. If I didn’t get it for free then I'm working hard to contact the company so I can get it for free. That doesn't mean all the products I get are free but if it wasn't then it must be something I really really wanted to try!
  • I try to make money from other sites as well. If you see me guest post chances are I was paid or will be reimbursed in someway. I also try to make money from every Tweet, Facebook or Myspace update I send out, if I'm not then I am working on a way to do so.
  • If you email me, IM me or in any other way contact me all of the information in your correspondence is mine to do with as I please, such as exploit for financial profit, use as blackmail, or quote on my blog.
  • If you see me wearing a shirt with a company logo chances are I got the shirt for free, and/or I'm receiving compensation from wearing that shirt now.
  • Just because I get paid to blog, tweet, wear T-shirts, etc. does NOT mean I will give you or your company or product a positive review, blog post or endorsement. If you ask me to do so then chances are you will be outted and slammed twice as hard! I call things as I see them, end of story!
If you have any questions, you can contact me via email, just remember what I said about emails. You can click here for more information about the endorsement guides.