Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thinking of Buying a new Conroe Core 2 Duo

You might want to wait till after Christmas!

Intel to release quad-core processors in November
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High-end enthusiasts will have a new toy to wish for come the wintery months. For those looking toward the sky for the high-end performance up there, Intel will have a single-chip answer that is sure to offer lots of processor bang: a true four-core processor available in time for the holidays. Kentsfield, Intel's code-name for its quad-core desktop chip based on the Core 2 architecture, was originally slated to arrive sometime in the first quarter of 2007; however, due to Intel's fast product ramp and validation process on its 65 nm line of products, we will be seeing this chip as early as November.

AMD's alternate quad-core solution will also be available around that time, but its chip will consist of two physical chip packages, each with a dual-core chip connected through HyperTransport on a dual-socket motherboard. In contrast, the chips from Intel will be true quad-core single-socket chips. For many enthusiasts this could be a winner. On the alternate side, when AMD releases its quad-core chips, the 4x4 platform can have the dual-core chips replaced with quad-cores to make an instant 8-core machine.

We seem to be getting to the point where you'll either buy for performance, or if you don't you'll have options to choose from. Each has different merits depending on where you place value.

Is AMD finished? It's still on 90 nm with some 65 nm woes.

Read more at eWEEK, and post your thoughts below.

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