Thursday, August 28, 2008

Microsoft Launches IE8 Beta 2

Earlier this week Microsoft delivered on a promise made early in June by long time Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, then still a full-time employee of the company, that it would post IE8 Beta 2 before the end of August.

The newest version of Internet Explorer offers a set of features that makes Web browsing faster and more intuitive, including more intelligent tabs, a much improved Address Bar, and new tools designed to deliver information from other Web pages and services.

The beta has other new features as well, including those that improve privacy and security, and InPrivate Browsing and InPrivate Blocking or what some people have called "porn mode." The beta is still rough in some places, but for anyone interested in seeing the next big browser release, it's stable, useful and well worth the download.

Keep in mind that IE8 is beta, and therefore may be buggy. In addition, if you install it, it will replace IE7 rather than run alongside it, so you won't be able to run IE7 and IE8, although IE8's compatibility mode does a good job of working with sites built for IE7.

IE8 Beta 2 can be downloaded from its own page or from Microsoft's Download Center.

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