Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New OGON Designs Wallet Protects Against RFID Identity Thieves and Skimmers

OGON Designs has created a new credit card wallet that protects your cards from electronic identity theft and protects the electro-magnetic strip from demagnetization. The aluminum shell protects personal data that could be stolen via special low cost radio scanners, making OGON’s technology far more efficient and threatening against advanced thieves. OGON wallets protects against this infiltration while keeping cards in healthy condition.

These fashionably designed wallets are meant to fit comfortably in a pocket, backpack or briefcase however the hard aluminum case means that most guys like me will likely have to carry them in either a coat pocket or briefcase. The rugged aluminum out shell is great but it also means you can't slide them into a back pocket and it means its a bit clunky for a shirt pocket.

With an overall size of 11cm x 7.5 cm x 1.7 cm, you have plenty of room for up to 7 credit cards and or ID's and if you leave an open slot or two there is plenty of room at add in a few bills in case you want to carry some cash. These little wallets are lightweight at 2.47 ounces, making them ideal for a ladies purse or as mentioned  a mans coat or jacket pocket.

The new Ă–GON Designs Credit Card Wallets retails for $39.00 - $59.00 and come in a wide variety of colors including black, gold, silver, grey, orange, red, green lime, blue, purple, and chocolate. For more information checkout www.thestylecube.com


  1. That was a great idea. Nowadays lots of thiefs are on the run!

  2. Anonymous5:16 AM

    Great Product specially the demagnetization bit as it actually works!!


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