Thursday, November 04, 2010

Facebook's New Font Size To Small? I've Got A Quick Fix

Facebook users out there might have noticed that Facebook has recently adjusted their page settings using not only a smaller font but what also appears to be smaller images. At first I thought it was just me until I saw a slew of complaints over on Twitter. Well no fear there is a quick easy remedy for anyone out there that is having issues.

For those of you with a scroll mouse the quickest easiest way is to hold down the control (CTRL) key and scroll the wheel up or down. This will adjust the entire page zoom so be prepared your images and everything will get bigger.

For you Firefox users out there look at your command tool bar select View (or alt V) then Zoom. Again this zooms the entire page in or out so your fonts and images will get bigger or smaller. If you just want to change font sizes select zoom just text.

IE users need to select Page from the command tool bar. There you'll see the zoom options or text options and similar to FF you can adjust just the text or the whole page.

Tip: You may want to adjust the font size only otherwise your pictures will look a little fuzzy.

All browsers including Google Chrome and Opera should have similar settings that allow a quick page zoom. Alternatively you can adjust your browser settings to set custom fonts and size, however the above described options are the easiest route for most users. They also allow you to change your zoom back and forth if another page is too large.


  1. Anonymous3:52 PM

    That helps, but it also makes every other page to big. The problem lies with the WALL page only on FB being the problem. They then become too big when Ctrl+ or zoom is used.

  2. Well there are other alternatives that was just the suggestion for the quickest easiest way to go. Unfortunately most options are going to affect every page not just a single page. A few ideas for alternatives would be using Firefox add-ons like GreaseMonkey or FaceTweak to add custom styles to just Facebook or as mentioned you can change your global internet settings to use a specific font. Again however this changes the appearance for every page.


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