Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Facebook Scammers Exploit Users Wanting Their Old Facebook Back

Facebook users beware a new scam has cropped up over your dislike of the new Facebook Timeline feature and your desire to revert to the old look.

Facebook has recently given users the opportunity to update to the new Timeline feature, which by all accounts hasn't been as big a hit as they had hoped. Scammers it appears have began cashing in on the fact that many of the new users of the feature don't care for the new changes and have found a way to take advantage of this attitude.

Inside Facebook reports that "a number of scammers" are creating Facebook Pages filled with deceptive instructions which promise users the ability to go through a few steps to roll back to the old style. Unsuspecting users are seemingly unaware that the switch to Facebook's Timeline is permanent.

Among the instructions scammers are giving users are clicking various "Like" buttons, inviting friends to "like" a page, watching YouTube videos, downloading files, and so on. While some of these actions may not have terrible outcomes, many could lead to the installation and spread of malicious software and the theft of personal information.

Again users should be aware that the switch to Facebook's Timeline is permanent once you decide to try it you are stuck with it and there is no going back!

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