Thursday, December 27, 2012

Google Voice Free For At Least One More Year

Good news for Google Voice users, Google has confirmed they will be offering the popular internet based phone service for free for at least one more year. "You'll continue to be able to make free domestic calls through 2013," Mayur Kamat, a product manager at the company, said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Google debuted to the public back in 2010, with the company extending the free calling service at the end of every year-- through 2011 and 2012 -- and since then.

The free service offers user a slew of great features including the ability to set up a single phone number that can ring multiple phones. You can also set up personalized greetings per-caller or per-group, screen your calls, listen in on voicemails as they're being left, access your voicemails (and their text transcripts) online, and more. You can also block individual numbers, send free SMSs, make cheap international calls, and even port your existing number if you don't want to sign up for a new one.

If you’ve never tried out Google Voice, and you live in the US or Canada, all you need is a Google Account and an area code to get one setup. Once you have a Google Voice account, you can set it up on an Android or iOS smartphone as a second number that will ring on your existing phone very easily.

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