Friday, February 22, 2013

ZenDesk Hacked, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter Users Warned Of Possible Phishing Attempts

Zendesk, the email and contact support client that Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and a handful of other social applications use, has confirmed a security breach which resulted in the theft of contact information including email addresses of an unknown number of customers.

Tumblr has already sent out emails to its users notifying them of a security breach, no word on whether Twitter and Pinterest will follow suite. However users off all three sites should be on the look out for potential phishing scams. Spearheaded email attacks that look like legit emails from any of the sites.

Tumblr has been using Zendesk for several years to provide support for its users. Tumblr says that there’s a good chance that if you have emailed them for support in the past 2.5 years that you’ve been affected by this breah. These are the warning words Tumblr had for users.

“This (security breach) has potentially exposed records of subject lines and, in some cases, email addresses of messages sent to Tumblr Support. While much of this information is innocuous, please take some time today to consider the following:
The subject lines of your emails to Tumblr Support may have included the address of your blog which could potentially allow your blog to be unwillingly associated with your email address.
Any other information included in the subject lines of emails you’ve sent to Tumblr Support may be exposed. We recommend you review any correspondence you’ve addressed to,,,,, or
Tumblr will never ask you for your password by email. Emails are easy to fake, and you should be suspicious of unexpected emails you receive.”

No passwords or other information has been stolen at this time. However since Tumblr also warned users that the contents of some emails may be a part of the breach users might still want to double check any correspondences and act accordingly.

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