Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Google Officially Working On Fix For Google Play "Package File Invalid" Error

Android users trying to update or download apps from the Google Play store may have noticed a rather annoying issue over the past week or so. An error that seemingly strikes at random shows a “Package file is invalid” or error code 497 message box. The rather nondescript error show up at random intervals no matter what app you are downloading or updating. Sometimes the error happens, sometimes it doesn’t.

While these kind of problems often are app, device or operating system specific, that does appear to be the case here. The problem seems to have to do with corrupted Play Store data, and according to Google, they are aware of the issue and looking for a permanent fix. Google Support has now put up a page for the Package File Invalid error (#10230007), which it will keep updated as it learns more and comes up with a solution.

Several of the most popular Android forums have users offering fixes, ranging from clearing app data and cache for Google Play to removing the proxy address from your APN, to using a VPN proxy but none of these suggestions seem to be a universal fix. Several users, myself included, have seen no issue at all. Confusing the situation even more.

For now it appears as though there are no real fixes at this point. So what should you do in the meantime? Our best advice is to wait a bit after receiving the error and try again. If it is an essential need there are reports that switching your connection type after encountering the error, such as going from Wi-Fi to mobile data (or vice versa) has worked. Another option would simply be searching for the Apps APK files and side-loading the application that way.

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