Wednesday, February 19, 2014

InfoGraphic: The Internet of Things Explained

Every geek knows what "The Internet of Things" means right? Well if like some you aren't entirely sure then this new infographic will help make sense of the often confusing term. 

For those not into infographics here is our brief explanation: The term “the internet of things” is an all encompassing reference to the plethora of devices which can communicate and share data with each other. Devices like smart watches, health monitors, and even household items like internet connected refrigerators, blenders, smoke detectors and security systems. All with sensors and intelligence built into those physical objects. These devices will talk to and monitor each other, regardless of distance or power consumption.

According to Gartner there will be nearly 26 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020. According to ABI Research more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things (Internet of Everything) by 2020. Cisco created a dynamic "connections counter" to track the estimated number of connected things from July 2013 until July 2020 (methodology included).

Check out the infographic below for a visual explanation of the internet of things, and how it works.

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