Monday, April 21, 2014

Viruses and Malware On Your Smart TV May Soon Be A Reality

Security researchers warn that today's connected devices might soon become tomorrow's targets for hackers, viruses and malware.

Speaking to the Telegraph about the future of computer security in the wake of Heartbleed, Eugene Kaspersky, the chief executive of Kaspersky Labs warns consumers that as the Internet of Things expands more devices will be targeted by malware and viruses.

“The threats will diversify to mobile phones and to the home environment, such as through televisions, which are now connected to the Internet,” said Kaspersky.

Each year there are millions of attacks the thing we know. Like our Microsoft Windows equipped PCs, mobile phones running both Android, and Apple’s iOS.

Kaspersky warns, "More and more engineers are developing software for Android. All the systems are vulnerable and I am afraid it is very possible to see the scenario of bad guys developing malware for iOS. Technically, it is possible to infect millions of devices. Internet-enabled TV sets use both Android and Linux."

While Kaspersky admits that the company hasn't seen anyone produce a successful virus for a television set he believes it will happen stating that the company already has a product for mobile and we a prototype for TV. He said that it was only “a question of time” before a smart TV virus appeared in the wild.

Most Smart TVs on the market today run a version of Android similar to that found on any Android based smartphone. With the popularity of the connected devices growing, and the likely introduction of a new Apple TV soon which will likely grow the market even more. Smart TVs and other connected devices that for now have little to no security in place may soon become the next easy target on the web.

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