Monday, May 18, 2015

Google “Buy” Button May Soon Help Geeks Get Their Shopping Fix

According to the Wall Street Journal your Google search results may undergo a new change that is intended to make it easier for you to connect with retailers and get your shopping fix on. Sources familiar with the new service claim that Google will slowly begin rolling out a new feature on its mobile search results that will show what most are calling the Google 'Buy Button, that will allow you to "Shop on Google" from within sponsored search results.

No Google isn't jumping into the e-tailer program and offering products on its own. According to the reported the Google Buy Button will be similar to those offerings we've seen in past such as the Facebook Buy Button.

Google users searching for products on their mobile sites will see the new 'Buy Button' which will then take users to a new page to verify their order and make a purchase. As with Facebook's option the new feature will only appear when users search for products and then when those products are available from advertisers who opt in to Google Services. Google will facilitate the transactions, all inventory and shipping will be handled by the retailers, which will keep 100 percent of the payment and simply pay the tech company for its advertising services.

Many fear that the move may be harmful to Google's relationship with advertisers yet they note that as more users head directly into apps and skip Google when shopping on their phones, Google has little choice but to add a feature that will make shopping more seamless for consumers.

The move is an interesting direction for Google to take, but the search giant has been taking several steps to improve the experience and visibility of its search and services on mobile. Recently we've seen Google begin showing more Android apps to its search results, as well as more tie-ins to service like Google Music and Google Video. A move that it hopes would drive more users to its additional services and allow users to discover even more apps that are not yet installed on their device that may be relevant to their queries. It has also recently given priority to web sites that have mobile-friendly pages in its search results.

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