Sunday, November 06, 2016

Need More Storage For Your Mac Mini? Checkout The OWC miniStack

I may not be the biggest fan of Apple as a whole, but I can give credit where credit is due and when it comes to deigns Apple has always been at the forefront. While I think there are plenty of great small form factor options on the market, a lot has to be said of the Mac mini. Unfortunately one of the biggest problems with these incredibly small packages is a lack of affordable storage options. Apple's entry level $499 Mac mini only packs 500GB of storage, upgrading that package to something a little better equipped will cost you anywhere from $200-500.

Adding in an external hard drive is easy enough, but what if you want to keep things simple and keep up with the high quality deign that likely drove you to buy the Mac mini to begin with? Enter the OWC miniStack. An external storage offering that is designed to easily stack together with Mac mini computers and other miniStack drives, so users can increase external storage without taking additional space on their desktop.

Because it features fast USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectivity, miniStack is a perfect solution to store and stream a personal collection of HD videos, music, and photos. Users who use a Mac mini as a server for their home entertainment system will enjoy miniStack as a natural extension of their media libraries. And for photographers managing large volumes of RAW images, or music producers who use a Mac for their workstation, miniStack accelerates pro-audio and photo workflows with powerful 7200RPM hard drives.

The durable aluminum enclosure, dedicated power switch, and integrated cooling fan make the miniStack a professional-grade solution that fits perfectly alongside virtually any Mac or PC at home.


  • Perfectly stacks with Mac mini computers or other miniStack drives to save space
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 port
  • Read: Up to 211 MB/s
  • Write: Up to 208 MB/s
  • Up to 6.0 TB capacity with 7200RPM drives
  • Also offered as 0GB build-your-own-drive kit
  • Durable aluminum enclosure
  • Ultra-quiet MagLev cooling fan
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Three-year OWC Limited Warranty* including award-winning technical support
  • Includes power supply and a 36-inch (1m) USB 3.1 Gen 1 cable

Pricing & Availability

OWC miniStack is now available at and authorized OWC resellers in seven stackable configurations:
  • 1.0TB (7200RPM) - $139.99
  • 2.0TB (7200RPM) - $169.99
  • 3.0TB (7200RPM) - $198.99
  • 4.0TB (7200RPM) - $249.99
  • 5.0TB (7200RPM) - $278.99
  • 6.0TB (7200RPM) - $348.99
  • Add Your Own Drive enclosure kit - $77.99
“The OWC miniStack is an exciting new addition to our external storage lineup. Its footprint is identical to 2010 and later Mac mini, so it’s a perfect external drive and Time Machine backup for our customers who use a Mac mini as a home computer, or with their home entertainment system,” said Jen SoulĂ©, President of OWC. “We designed the miniStack to be our most convenient, stackable external storage solution—and we think our customers who use a Mac at home are going to love its compact and stylish design.”

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