Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Yahoo Not Dead After-all

On Monday it was announced that Yahoo's acquisition by Verizon was almost complete. The deal would see Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, co-founder David Filo and others resigning from the company's board and the company being renamed Altaba. A move which many thought would mean that Yahoo would be no longer. Reports from today however have breathed new life into Yahoo as a brand. It now appears that much of what makes Yahoo, well the Yahoo we know, will live on under the Yahoo name.

In their U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing Monday Yahoo said that it will shed almost everything that makes it Yahoo, including its name, when its deal with Verizon closes. This is were things are a bit confusing for some. Like many companies Yahoo is diversified and it made up of two major assets of very differing backgrounds.

The first asset, and most well know by the general public, is their worldwide network of internet portals. This makes up Yahoo.com, Yahoo Mail ect. The second major asset is a 15 percent stake in Chinese internet giant Alibaba. This is in essence what is going to remain of Yahoo Business while Monday's deal will see the company sell its portals, and its brand to Verizon for $4.8b.

Verizon is the expected to merge Yahoo's portal activities with AOL, which it bought in 2015.
In July, just after Verizon announced the Yahoo deal, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong told TechCrunch: "The Yahoo brand will be staying with us for a very long period of time, we'll be investing in it."

In the end, this all means that despite the major issues Yahoo has faced over the past couple years with several major data breaches and major ups and downs with CEO Marissa Mayer. The company you most likely know Yahoo for being will still be alive and kicking. So you won't be in danger of loosing access to your Yahoo Mail account, or any of your favorite services they offer. At least not for now!

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