Wednesday, January 03, 2024

2024 IPOs Are Coming, Will We See a Boom or Bust

Just a few of the IPOs expected are; Reddit, Discord, Skims, Stripe, Shein, Panera, and Liquid Death (amongst about 50 more top names). IPOs over the last few years have had some mixed results and unfortunately some of these may see the same downturns.

First off, we are seeing a draw back from the tech sector. So many of these tech related companies might be a tough sell on Wall Street. Several major players have been selling off real estate and downsizing work forces. We have also seen many major startups failing all together.

Secondly, many of the companies expected to go public are already cash strapped and are only making the move because they need to capital. While this is normal, it also indicates that they may not be on a solid foundation. A major negative for Wall Street players looking for long term growth potential.

On the upside, most of these brands carry major 'sentimental' up-value. Meaning investors will grab a hold of them because they are who they are. The question we'll see answered, really quickly, is if that brand recognition will hold value and those IPOs pay off the way these companies hope!

 As an investor and Techie it will be interesting to watch what happens. Some of these tech companies directly impact my daily life as I'm a member of several of their sites. We are already seeing push-back  from Reddit developers seeking more money or a share of the value add their work has given the company. Once the money starts flowing we may see a major negative push! Fingers crossed for any early investors!

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