Monday, May 07, 2007

Joost gone wild!

Everywhere you turn these days Joost is all the buzz. From forum to forum, friend to friend invites or requests for invites seem to be spreading everywhere. Well why not spread it to my section of the world. Ive recently become a beta tester and now have a few Joost invites available. For more information on the Joost phenomena read my previous post "Joost ready to go live".

So far from my limited testing I'd have to say I can see a lot of potential here. However there seem to be a few things in the interface that I find lacking. The speed of the streaming video seems to be adequate, however on 384k-1.5mb AT&T dsl its nowhere near functional.

As it is still in beta mode and I've only been able to test it for a short period of time I'll limit my skepticism and say that I am optimistically hopeful that it not just a bunch of hype!

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