Monday, December 19, 2011

Steam Holiday Sale Now Live

Valve has officially kicked off their holiday season launching the Steam Holiday Sale. Not only are there some great sales prices but gamers will get their chance to complete tasks to earn free games and other free rewards.

The sale will feature different “highlights” every day with different games going on sale. Today’s big things are Portal 2 for ~$7, Metro 2033 for $4.99 and Fable III for $12.49, among other stuff.

In addition to the highlighted games, which feature the best discounts, almost every other game Steam offers has been added to the sale with at least a minor discounted price. Here is a complete list of titles. that Steam has made available. There are also a bunch of game packs featuring all the titles from select publishers. If that doesn't get the gaming juices flowing Steam is also giving away free games.

Those free games are earned by completing a series of in-game objectives which cycle everyday until January 1st. Completing each objective either gets you a freebie off the "Great Gift Pile" or a lump of coal, seven of which can also be traded in for an actual gift. Alternatively, you could save your lumps up -- each counts as an entry into a Steam sweepstakes, the grand prize for which is every game on Steam ever. Seriously, the prize is every game listed on Steam since it went public.

Now for the bad new. Due to heavy traffic the site has been very slow all day. So be prepared for some issue with browsing and checking out!

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