Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Microsoft Unleashes New Xbox One

Microsoft looks to add to their presence in consumer electronics and the gaming console arena with the announcement of the new Xbox One. The new all-in-one gaming and entertainment system brings together games, TV, movies, music, sports and Skype and features many improvements over Microsoft's current market leading Xbox 360 console.

Xbox One

“Xbox One is designed to deliver a whole new generation of blockbuster games, television and entertainment in a powerful, all-in-one device,” said Xbox exec Don Mattrick. “Our unique, modern architecture brings simplicity to the living room and, for the first time ever, the ability to instantly switch across your games and entertainment.”

The console features a new processor, 8GB of memory, a Blu-ray Disc drive and 500GB hard-disk drive both HDMI in and out and a USB 3.0 ports and Wi-Fi Direct. It's based on a new architecture that combines a dedicated Xbox architecture with the Windows kernel, on which web apps are run.

Xbox Kinect also receives and update with a new 1080p camera and USB 3.0 for better data streaming to the console faster. Its overhauled system has a wider field of view, and can track more of your body's joints for better motion capture.Adding to the list of improvements is a new upgraded controller that Microsoft says has 40 new design innovations, including impulse triggers, Wi-Fi direct radio stack, integrated battery compartment and a precision directional pad.

Xbox Live is getting an upgrade, as well. To support the new cloud-based features, Xbox Live will run on 300,000 servers for the Xbox One -- up from 3,000 servers for Xbox 360.

Four blockbuster sports games from Electronic Arts will come to the Xbox One: "FIFA 14," "Madden 25," "UFC," and "NBA Live 14." "Forza Motorsports 5" is also coming exclusively to the new console and will be available at launch.

Some other highlights from today’s announcement:
  • Use Snap to switch between live TV, a movie, talking with your friends on Skype, or playing a game.
  • OneGuide will help you find your favorite entertainment with ease. You can search by network, name or time – all with the sound of your voice.
  • An all-new world, an all-new cast of character and an all-new story for “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” which has next-gen technical innovations built to support incredible gameplay advancements, and features all-new downloadable content debuting first and exclusively on the Xbox platform.
  • Blur the line between gaming and TV with “Quantum Break,” from Remedy Entertainment, which integrates drama and gameplay into a seamless, immersive experience.
  • Steven Spielberg is executive producing a live-action “Halo television series, in partnership with 343 Industries and Xbox Entertainment Studios
  • A multiyear, landmark partnership with the NFL, which will leverage Microsoft devices and services both in-game and on the sideline.

Pricing and availability details are still unknown, with Microsoft simply stating the console with be available "later this year." Visit the Xbox Wire blog and read the press release for more in-depth features on the new system, including photos and video.

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