Friday, May 16, 2014

Apple Sued Over iMessage Deactivation Failure

A former iPhone user has filed a suit against Apple due to issues with iMessages not forwarding SMS text messages to her new Samsung smartphone. Adrienne Moore says that she was forced to use Apple's iMessage system on her Apple iPhone 4 when her phone was updated to iOS 5. Resulting in issues receiving her text messages once she decided to leave Apple behind.

The problems for Moore began when she decided to dump her iPhone 4 for a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S5. Since then, Moore says that iMessage is still sending messages from other iPhone users to her deactivated iPhone 4, but is not forwarding them to her new Galaxy S5. To make matters worse, those sending messages to Moore were never informed that their messages were not reaching her.

Apple warns users that are moving their old SIM card and/or phone number to a non-iOS device to make sure to shut down iMessages before the actual move is made. However, rarely do customers receive that warning directly from sales reps. Nor do they receive adequate instructions as to how to disable their iMessage account. Without completely removing the number associated with iMessages other iOS devices will continue to send messages through the iMessages for up to 45 days before giving up.

An issues that so far, Apple has been unable or unwilling to fix!

Moore contends that she and other former iPhone users were not made aware of this. As a result, she and others missed "countless messages" which caused "irreparable harm." Moore seeks to broaden the suit to class-action status under California's unfair competition law, arguing that iMessage is not allowing customers of wireless carriers to have their contract fulfilled, by restricting the distribution of text messages.

Apple has not commented formally on the issue, but its customer support has been acknowledging the problem while unable to fix it.

If you want to transfer your SIM card or phone number to a device that doesn't support iMessage: Go to Settings & Messages and turn off iMessage. Apple has also said you can also text STOP to 48369 and that should remove it. However, be aware that neither method is immediate and can take several days to complete.More details can be found via this customer support page which instructs users how to turn off iMessage.

Source: Scribd via Bloomberg

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  1. Here are further details for disabling iMessages and removing your iPhone from the account:

    Go to:
    Log in if not already logged in.
    Click on ">" to the right of the phone listing
    Click "unregister"
    You’ll see the message ‘Are you sure you want to unregister and delete this product?’ – Click ‘Unregister’ again.

    NOTE: If you hav any other iMessage-capable devices registered to the same Apple ID or number you'll need unregister these now as well.


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