Sunday, September 28, 2014

Microsoft Reported to Offer Free Windows 9 Upgrades For Windows 8 Users

With a plethora of Windows 9 rumors swirling around and the widely expected introduction expected at Microsoft's upcoming event being help in San Francisco next Tuesday, rumors have risen that we may see some unexpected news from Microsoft that the company may break from tradition and offer its newest operating system as a free upgrade!

Popular geek site BGR originally reported the rumors, which it had found thanks to Indonesian tech site Detik earlier this week. The reports quoted Microsoft Indonesia president Andreas Diantoro as saying that "the Windows 9 upgrade will be available free of charge to all existing Windows 8 users once it's released."

The original Detik article is in Indonesian, but a quick translation through Google Translate, will allow you to view the full article which states amongst other things that Microsoft will indeed announce Windows 9 during the Sept. 30th event. It goes on to state that once released, Windows 8 users "will be able to easily install the Windows 9 update after downloading it from directly Microsoft."

While neither article makes it clear whether other Windows users who are on older versions of the OS will get any other special offers, it does make sense that Microsoft would make moves to try to boost sales of Windows 9 as it is actively trying to move as many people as possible from the older, and no longer supported, Windows XP operating system. Additionally Windows 8 sales have been seen as slumping, so offering Windows 9 as a free download might be a great incentive for users to make the transition to Windows 8 now knowing that they'll be able to move to Window 9 once it is released.

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