Thursday, February 26, 2015

Apple Sends Out Invites to Spring Forward Event March 9th

In its traditional flair Apple has sent out press invites for a March 9th event, and while the invite doesn't give many clues to what the full agenda may be, the reference to Daylight Saving Time and 'Spring Forward' gives us the slightest hint of a connection to the upcoming release of the Apple Watch.

Apple does show a penchant for sticking closely to the devices teased in their invites. Yet one does wonder if the new Apple Watch is the main focus of the event, after all Apple has already given us an in-depth look at the Apple Watch creating several pages to showcase the new wearable. Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook used the company's earnings call to announce that the Apple Watch would go on sale in April, but revealed no other details beyond we already had access to.

If in fact Apple does highlight the Watch it would be inline with previous releases of other devices when the company has introduced a product building more hype, but then delayed the sales date by several weeks to accept per-orders, gauging interest and allowing them more time to market and assemble more units to be shipped to warehouses and stores.

On the other hand if the watch isn't the focus of the event then what could we expect, or what else might they have up their sleeve to introduce alongside the watch? At most of its events, it usually launches more than one new product or at the very least offers details on more than a few things. So we fully expect them to do the same this time. Here's a look at some of the possibilities:
A New Larger 12.9-inch 'iPad Plus' or 'iPad Pro' - Rumors have been circulating around the web that Apple is working on a new larger platform iPad. The new iPad is said to be geared towards challenging the new market segment currently occupied by the Microsoft Surface and convertible laptops. Rumor holds it as also being highly focused on enterprise level consumers falling directly in line with the latest Apple partnership with IBM.

A New MacBook Air with Retina Display -  It has been some time since Apple has updated the MacBook Air lineup. With more companies fighting for position in similar market space if we don't see a larger iPad we may in fact see an updated MacBook Air. Rumors suggest a larger screen, Retina Display and the traditional bump in hardware specifications to keep inline with updated CPUs and performance.

Updated Apple TV Box - Apple has been rumored to be in talks with content providers to develop its own content service similar to that of Sling TV. With the latest FCC regulations we could see a major increase in the streaming markets giving Apple plenty of incentive to want to further position themselves in the market with a next-generation Apple TV. The set-top box could feature updated hardware and software and will likely integrate content, gaming and HomeKit support.

Where Can I Watch The Apple Spring Forward Event?

As with many of their events Apple will provide their own live stream of the entire announcement. The event that starts at 10 AM PT and will be streamed via Apple’s dedicated live events site. As usual, Apple is limiting official access to its own hardware and software so in order to access the page you'll need a recent version of Safari running on OS X, or on iOS via an iPhone or iPad. You can also stream directly to your Apple TV, so long as it’s a second- or third-generation device with Apple TV OS version 6.2 or higher.

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