Monday, February 09, 2015

Microsoft Offering 100GB of Free OneDrive Storage For 2yrs For Using Bing Rewards

100GB Free OneDrive Storage

With the cloud storage race heating up over the past few years companies are looking for more ways to entice new users. Microsoft's latest attempt comes in the form of a very enticing offer for Bing Rewards users.

The company is offering all new (and perhaps current) users 100 GBs of free storage for up to 2yrs with almost no strings attached! This double headed promotion undoubtedly is targeting not only new OneDrive users but search users as well considering it not only showcases OneDrive but also ties in the Bing Rewards program. The plus side, if you call it that, is that you don’t have to conduct a single Bing search to claim the offer nor will you ever need to use Bing again.

Through February 28, anyone with a Microsoft account or that is willing to sign-up for one can claim their free 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage without conducting a single search or redeeming any of their rewards points (if they are current users).

Users looking to cash in on the offer simply need an active Microsoft account which only takes a few steps to sign-up for. They'll then need to join Bing Rewards, sign up for a few promotion emails and they are all set. Microsoft will automatically credit the new accounts with their free storage.  Accepting the offer does give OneDrive the right to send you promotional emails, though you may cancel them at any time so you'll likely want to do that immediately!

The offer does state the promotion is for a 'New Bing Membership'. However, current Bing Rewards members can visit their Bing Rewards dashboard and look for the “Free storage” header next to a OneDrive logo to try to get in on the action. We have tried it for our account but the storage has yet to show!

For those wanting to check it out, click here to see the full details of the promotion.

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