Wednesday, April 15, 2015

IKEA Helps You Cut Cords With New Wireless Charging Furniture Line

Wireless smartphone charging is slowly hitting the mainstream with several companies including Samsung, Apple, LG and HTC now either offering the option built in (as with the new Samsung Galaxy S6) or as an add-on through either add-ons cases or batteries.

With the option coming more popular, and coming to more devices, companies beyond traditional manufactures are looking to get in on the action. Enter popular furniture designer IKEA. The company has officially launched a new wireless charging furniture collection, which adds a wireless charging base to things like bedside tables and lamps.

IKEA's approach follows the company's traditional train of thought. They wanted to offer simple yet effective designs placing chargers where you use your phone the most!

“With the help of our wireless chargers, we make charging easy, fun and convenient, by turning furniture into charging spots. We enable convenient charging throughout the home, designed for your personal needs. At the same time, we make homes more beautiful by minimizing the use of cords. Nobody likes cords, yet everyone wants a fully functional home. With our wireless chargers, it’s possible to have both.” Bj√∂rn Block, IKEA Range Manager for Lighting and Wireless Charging.

In addition to the charging pads and wireless chargers that IKEA has already integrated into their new furniture collection, they will also offering a wireless charger that offers you geek the opportunity to create your own custom furniture designs or home do-i-yourself projects that you can build into furniture yourself. Called JYSSEN, it lets you create a wireless charger that’s truly unique and tailored to your needs. And if you already own an IKEA desk or aren't the creative type, IKEA promises that JYSSEN will also fit perfectly into the cord outlet on some of their desks.

The collection ranges in price from $9.99 to $119 and includes several different lamps (floor, table, work), two different styles of bedside tables, as well as desks, and simple charging pads. The pieces all have built-in wireless chargers that support the Qi wireless charging standard which means they should work with almost all current device and accessories. The collection is rolling out globally, starting today in Europe, and should arrive in the U.S. in "late spring," Ikea said.

For more details checkout the full line-up and details via IKEA (PDF)

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