Thursday, October 08, 2015

AT&T Finally Offers Wi-Fi Calling Option (Currently Only For iPhone Users)

AT&T has joined the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile to finally offer customers with an advanced calling feature that allows them to leverage Wi-Fi to provide better mobile phone coverage by connecting calls over a Wi-Fi network in places where cellular service is poor or non existent.

Wi-Fi calling, which certainly shouldn't be new to any of you true geeks out there, has long been available to customers on several major networks worldwide. However, AT&T only received permission from the Federal Communications Commission for an exemption this past week and they immediately took action kicking off Wi-Fi calling on newer-model iPhones running iOS 9. Those models include the iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  

There is no official word on support for older iPhone models or when we might see support for other devices even though most, such as the Samsung Galaxy line-up do support it!

"Wi-Fi Calling is a complement to AT&T’s already great network coverage," said AT&T's president of technology operations Bill Smith in a blog post. "Along with a network that covers more than 99 percent of all Americans, our customers now have an option for making calls in areas where a cellular signal is tough to get – such as a home or office with dense building construction."

What is the Benefit of Wi-Fi Calling?

We've all been somewhere with little to no cellular coverage, it may be your office building, the gym or even an out of the way spot in the woods. No matter the location if you have internet service and an active Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi Calling can work as a tool to solve those coverage problems. With Wi-Fi Calling, your phone connects via the internet to send and receive you your voice calls, text messages and other mobile services over that Wi-Fi network even if your cellular network isn't working.

Once you set up Wi-Fi Calling, your phone automatically detects when to use it. Wi-Fi Calling will only be used if cellular coverage is weak or unavailable. To add Wi-Fi calling to an eligible iPhone, according to Apple's website, go to Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi Calling. You will then be prompted to answer a few questions.

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