Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Upgrade Your Earbuds With Monster Clarity HD Headphones

Are you giving your favorite geeks a new smartphone or tablet this holiday season? If so don't overlook one of the most important updates you can add, and that is a set of great headphones! Whether they are music buffs, hard core gamers or movie fanatics adding a pair of high performance headphones is a must and is certain to make the holidays sound that much sweeter.

Let's face it, when it comes to picking out headphones or earbuds most of us stick with those crappy  free earbuds that come with our phone or tablet, that is if we even got any! Unfortunately we all know that those aren't even close to high quality and generally offer sub-par comfort and sound quality. For me they fall under the category of something you use to make do. Still most of us either don't upgrade or when we do we opt for another solution that isn't much better.

This is where Monster Products steps in, likely best known to many for their work in audio and video cables, the company has begun branching out to things like speakers, headphones, power packs and surge protectors. Believing that consumers deserve better, Monster has created an affordable (SRP: $49.95 wired/$89.95 wireless) line of high performance earbud headphones that offer consumers better comfort, build, sound, calls, and noise isolation, along with better wireless performance on the Bluetooth models. 
“The free earbuds you get with phones and portable devices break easily, fail on sound, and are uncomfortable with poor isolation. Still, we’ve found that many consumers that settle for these inferior earbuds pay to replace them, often multiple times, with the exact same models, despite their dissatisfaction! There’s a better way – and it’s Monster ClarityHD earbuds,” says Head Monster, Noel Lee. “Whether you prefer the wireless freedom of Bluetooth or wired, ClarityHD gives you step-up quality, step-up sound, step-up build materials and craftsmanship, better isolation, and better comfort with crystal clear calls at an incredible value. We’re giving everyone the opportunity to say goodbye to those generic commodity earbuds forever. The consumer deserves better.”

Better Fit For Better Comfort Which Creates Better Noise Isolation and Sound

Personal preference is a major factor when it comes to selecting earbuds or headphones. Most people either really like earbuds and hate headphones or vice versa. Generally this is due to bad experiences with one or the other. For me personally I never cared much for earbuds, mainly due to the fact that they never fit right and always irritate my ears!

Monster has done something to help alleviate that with the ClarityHD earbuds. They feature a patent applied oblique cone shaped front housing and three different soft-tip sizes that conform to almost any ear shape for a perfectly snug, comfortable fit that stays put and won’t slip out during activity. No more hard and wobbly earbuds that are constantly falling out while you are running or exercising or hard over-sized earbud tips that are rubbing your ears the wrong way.

This much better fit also offers much better sound isolation which in turn gives you much better sound quality. The tighter fit around the ear helps seal out some of the noise while the Monster CalrityHD's high-performance balanced acoustic chambers further sound damping for even better noise isolation. Combined the two eliminate much of the ambient background noise that is present while listening to music or taking calls offering you a much clearer crisper listening experience.

Better Build Means Longer Life

One problem that is universal to almost all earbuds and headphones is a relatively short lifespan. As most anyone out there know it doesn't take much to damage those thin wires, especially at the stress points like the jack. ClarityHD earbuds feature careful reinforcement at critical stress points to ensure protection from the fraying and tearing associated with generic earbuds. The wired ClarityHD models have flat, tangle-resistant cables and low-profile right angle connectors that stay out of the way and ensure a secure fit. Wireless models use the finest technology and build materials for a durable, long-lasting headphone that stands up to rigorous use.

The ClarityHD Bluetooth sets feature a dual battery design for double the life and all day listening. A USB charging port on the control box allows users to easily charge and the microelectronics are situated in line for better Bluetooth reception. The in-line mic is strategically placed at the ideal incidental angle for superior voice pick-up.

Monster ClarityHD wired earbuds are now available in Black, White, Green and Pink and the Monster ClarityHD Bluetooth earbuds are now available in Black and at monsterproducts.com and select retail stores such as Staples and Amazon.

Want a chance to win a free pair of your own? @MonsterProducts will be giving away 50 pairs of the all new Monster ClarityHD WIRELESS headphones to those of you that can come up with the best break-up stories. To get started, watch and share this hilarious video (http://bit.ly/claritybuds) then post your worst break up story followed by hashtag #YouDeserveBetter on Twitter or Instagram and you'll automatically be entered to win. Be sure to add a photo or video to enhance your story. The better the story, the higher the chances of winning!

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