Friday, December 18, 2015

Last Minute Geeky Gift Ideas!!

While there may only be a few short days left in the holiday season there is still plenty of time to get your favorite geeks an affordable gift they won't want to return! Geeks can be a particularly difficult bunch to shop for, ok not really we just like techie gifts, but that doesn't mean you can't find something that every geek on your holiday shopping list will need. Below we've added a few great ideas that any geek can use, even if they already have one!

Power for your power hungry devices!
One thing that almost every tech device has in common is a major huger for more power! For geeks keeping our smartphones, tablets or other devices powered is a major area of concern, after all how are we going to stream videos or game without battery life?

Monster Mobile Powercard - This supper thin portable battery pack makes it easy to recharge your phone in an emergency. At just a quarter of an inch thick, and weighing less than 1.6 ounces, Monster Monster Mobile Powercards fit easily into a wallet, purse or backpack and pack a powerful punch for quick charge on the go.

PNY T6600 PowerPack - Featuring a slightly larger profile the PNY T6600 packs more power for your punch! The T6600 provides dual Universal USB ports with 1 amp & 2.4 amp outputs offering the ability to charge 2 devices simultaneously and packs enough power give you up to 4 charges for most of your mobile device when you need it most!

High Capacity Solar Panel Charger - Something every outdoors enthusiast and sports geek should own is a good high quality solar charger.Most these days come with prechargeable high capacity battery packs to replenish the charge on your devices even at night, but the key here is the solar charging. You never want to get caught in the back-county without one!

Portable durable sound on the go!
You just can't be a true geek if you can't rock out to your jams while you are on the go, and nothing ruins your day like a wimpy speaker that can't handle the rugged lifestyle, or a weak set of headphones.

Monster SuperStar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - The BackFloat rugged Bluetooth speaker packs plenty of bang for the buck with great sound quality from an extremely portable device. It features 7hrs of playback, a speakerphone and did we mention this thing even floats. It has been tested to withstand both heat and cold so it will work not only in the pool or at the lake but in a Jacuzzi or bathtub and is rugged enough to withstand the snow, beach or night around the campfire!

Outdoor Technology Big Turtle Shell - Often given some of the best reviews as this biggest loudest portable speaker system out there the Big Turtle Shell is a must have for the geeky audiophile on your shopping list. They will love the high quality sound, that provides excellent 'boom' for that outdoor gaming party or large campground shindig. The speaker lasts for 16 hours of playing time and it can recharge your iPhone or Android four times over.

Monster Clarity HD Headphones - A good set of headphones is a must for any geek and these things are simply amazing. Check with your geeks and see if they prefer earbuds or over the ear style headphones, but either way you go they all make great stocking stuffers!

Store all those files, photos and holiday memories!
Almost every geek gadget these takes needs more storage space and you can never go wring with giving the gift of micro sd cards, portable hard drives or flash drives!

Samsung EVO+ microSDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card - I use Samsung memory exclusively in all of my devices and highly recommend them to everyone and just about every geek on your list has at least one device out there that can use more memory! The Samsung Samsung EVO+ line-up is some of the best dollar for dollar memory I think you can get right now and since it has been on-sale it can be had at a great price. The cards feature read & write speeds of up to 80MB/s & 20MB/sfor faster loading times and transfer speeds.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive - This cool portable drive tucks away nicely in a stocking and can be carried by just about any geek on your list. The portable drive allows you to save videos, photos or music from up to five smartphones and tablets without the hassle of wires, cables, or internet availability. You can even use the media card slot to share files from your media card directly to each device. It makes sharing photos during the holidays a breeze!

LaCie Rugged Portable Hard Drive - A must have for any outdoors enthusiast on your holiday shopping list. Built to withstand some of the most rugged conditions LaCie Rugged Drives make great gifts for avid sportsmen, a college student that is always on the go, or that average user that might be prone to dropping other portable drives.

These are just a few ideas that some might consider out of the box. Geeks really do love just about any tech gadgets, movies, games or music you can throw at them, we just want you to think more broadly about some of the options available. Things like power packs, memory and headphones are pretty universal to everyone out there and even if they don't need them right away having back-ups is always a positive! Be creative this holiday season, buy something bold!

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