Friday, July 11, 2008

3G iPhone Debuts, Activation Problems Arise

Today marked the launch of Apples new 3G iPhone, a launch that was plagued with issues. AT&T reported that in-store iPhone 3G activations were suspended at about 9:30 EDT nationwide today because of problems users were having connecting with the iTunes 7.7 software needed to configure the device.

Customers were being sent home with their shiny new iPhones not activated therefore not working.

When customers attempt the iTunes download, they get an error message saying, "Page not found," the spokeswoman said. The problem relates to iTunes specifically and not the AT&T network, she said.

While I personally have yet to buy into the iPhone hype (and won't unless someone wants to buy me one), there have been reports of 100's even 1000's of people waiting in line for the chance to sign their new contracts and dish out $199-$299 to get theirs.

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