Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sony Releases New PS3 Firmware v2.41

Today Sony released its second attempt at a Playstation 3 firmware upgrade, version 2.41. The 2.41 update does everything that the 2.40 update was supposed to do, without the annoyance of making your system completely useless.

Last week we reported that Sony pulled the PlayStation 3's latest firmware download (v2.40) due to reports of inoperable consoles after the update process.

PS3 owners were reporting problems ranging from small things like microphone's cutting out, to the more serious issue of consoles being bricked with no boot at all or remaining frozen at the initial wave screen.

Sony, to date, has remained silent on the technical issues surrounding the 2.40 firmware upgrade since it was released and subsequently pulled from PSN last week. The 2.40 update was a substantial update, meant to provide trophy support for PS3 games, a la Xbox 360's Achievements, as well as an in-game XMB interface upgrade.

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