Tuesday, July 15, 2008

iPhone Dev Team Jailbreaks 3G iPhone

The iPhone Dev Team has posted a video of what it claims is “the world’s first jailbroken iPhone 3G running our own software.” The video was posted to their blog earlier this morning, while its not an official release announcement it shows some promise.

Jailbreaking, allows users wanting to use the latest iPhone the option to run non-Apple-sanctioned applications on the device.

The iPhone Dev Team are updating "Pwnage" to jailbreak and/or unlock iPhones running firmware 2.0. However, the big caveat, according to Geohot, is that there is currently no way to unlock the 3G iPhone — only first-gen iPhones running 2.0. The new baseband on the iPhone 3G — the part that was exploited to allow the unlock on first-gen devices, and which has not been updated on those first-year phones — currently has no known exploits, and while there are known exploits to jailbreak it, unlocking is an entirely different matter.

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