Tuesday, July 05, 2011

AVAST Now Offering Free Credit Monitoring

AVAST Software has announced that in addition to their free antivirus the company will begun offering free credit monitoring service for all the company's customers in the United States.

The new service dubbed avast! CreditAlert, offers users real-time protection notifying users via pop-up if their credit report suddenly changes, providing them with an early-warning system for signs of identity theft.

“The integration of identity protection technology into our antivirus products is something our users have been asking us about,” said Vince Steckler, CEO of AVAST Software. “With the new CreditAlert feature, they can now have this information.”

The new service will feature both a free version and a premium version which offers more protection and a few additional features.

avast! CreditAlert Free – The first-ever integrated free credit report monitoring and alert service. After activation by registered avast! users, CreditAlert will monitor the TransUnion credit report and alert users when any suspicious changes are detected. Users can use the online resources to guide them through the dispute and resolution process. CreditAlert services are free, with no cost or obligation, and will not influence the user’s credit score.

avast! CreditAlert Premium – Comprehensive protection for your identity
avast CreditAlert Premium, searches thousands of databases for signs of your personal information being misused. Services include data monitoring at all three credit bureaus and 24/7 access to your credit reports and credit scores. Suspicious issues are, with your approval, investigated, unauthorized activity stopped, and records restored by a team of experts at no additional charge.

Keeping watch over your credit rating should now be part of your personal security regime. But keeping a vigilant, non-stop watch over one’s credit rating is expensive or time limited. While each bureau will issue one free credit report a year, that still leaves a lot of time for criminals to do some damage.

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