Monday, January 28, 2013

Is Apple Prepping 128GB iDevices. And Will You Buy Them?

Good news for those of you that love storing all your photos and videos locally on your iDevice. iOS developers have reportedly discovered details about a 128GB configuration keys appearing in the fifth developer preview of iOS 6.1. The rumor which has also been backed by sources for 9to5Mac, which have shared new retail SKU information that suggests a new "Ultimate" configuration of the existing fourth-generation iPad which may be coming soon.

The rumors broke over the weekend with many iOS developers noticing new system partition settings listed in the beta version of iOS 6.1. iOS developer "iNeal" originally tweeted about the 128GB configuration keys with others quickly the details. Apple has boosted the top-end capacity of the iPhone with each "S" model—the iPhone 3GS raised the top capacity from 16GB to 32GB, and the iPhone 4S boosted it from 32GB to 64GB. So the move, while perhaps appearing a bit odd considering reports of a recent slump in 64GB model sales would be inline with Apple's traditional moves

Further details were noted by 9to5Mac as the site reported that SKU's for a new "Ultimate" edition 4th generation iPad have already been discovered. The pricing associated with the new SKU—$799 for a Wi-Fi model and $929 for a Wi-Fi + Cellular model—is in line with what we would expect for a 128GB iPad considering the existing price structure.

The $799 and $929 price tag is a considerable jump in prices from the most popular models. So while consumers buy them? For some no matter what the storage limit is for an iOS device, there are always users who want more. But how many users out there really store that much data on their iPads? Isn't one of the biggest selling points of the iPad the use of iCloud and it's syncing abilities?

For now the rumors seem to revolve around the iPad and none of the evidence so far gives any indication of when Apple might actually release a 128GB iDevice. Nor do the rumors point towards anything other than the iPad. So iPhone and iPod users might be left out in the cold on this one.

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