Wednesday, January 09, 2013

T-Mobile Talks iPhone, No Contract Unlimited Plans And Going Subside Free

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, T-Mobile had a lot to talk about. The main focus was two rather interesting new offerings in the form of a new no contract unlimited plan and plans to drop subsidies. The third was plans to build on what they are saying is a 2 million iPhone user base and officially offer the Apple iPhone to customers.

T-Mobile's looking to change the mobile game. First by offering a no contract unlimited 4G data, text and voice plan for $70 a month. This is said to be a true unlimited data, as long as you don't tether your phone to a computer, you can stream all the content you want to your phone and it won't ever cost you more than $70. Note: there is no word on throttling or if it will be in place. The plan's been available since summer for customers with monthly plans; now it's for people who want the option to prepay.

"As the 'uncarrier,' we’re doing the unthinkable," said John Legere, T-Mobile USA president and CEO in a statement Tuesday. "We’re directly confronting the frustrations of American consumers fed up with the cost, complexity and congested networks of our competitors."

This new plan could save customers a bundle over other carrier deals but it won't be entirely without competition. Sprint plans to launch a similar no-contract plan for $70-a-month for unlimited voice, text and data service, called Sprint As You Go.

The second plan is a rather risky plan to entirely eliminate carrier subsidies on new phones. That means if you buy a smartphone, you’re paying full price for it. T-Mobile will allow new customers to bring their own phone, or buy a new phone and pay for it all at once or in installments. But everyone will be shepherded into what the company calls its Value Packages or essentially their monthly plans.

The third announcement, which many customers have been anticipating since December's statements, was that the iPhone will officially arrive at T-Mobile USA within three to four months, according to CEO John Legere. Legere and his comments made to Reuters.

T-Mobile has played host to millions of unlocked AT&T iPhones for the past few years and originally announced in December that it finally reached a deal with Apple to begin offering the iPhone to subscribers. At the time, the company was vague about which Apple products it would carry; the iPhone is a given, but T-Mobile may follow in AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint's footsteps by offering a cellular version of the iPad as well.

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