Monday, March 17, 2014

App Featuring Steve Jobs Quotes Rejected From Apple App Store

A new app featuring quotes from the late great Steve Jobs has appeared online. However, it looks as though the Apple isn't up to the high standards set by the Apple App store.

Quoth Steve as it is aptly named, provides daily quotes from former Apple CEO Steve Jobs which can be saved, shared via social networks, or synched to different devices. That app which has been relegated to Web app only status was rejected entry into the Apple App store because "Apple doesn't accept apps related to Jobs".

Speaking to Recode in an interview published Monday, app creator John Gill claims that he attempted to have his app approved by Apple, only to be told by the company that it won't accept any apps focused solely on its co-founder. Apple asked that he add quotes from other popular figures in addition to Jobs, but Gill told Recode that he didn't feel it was in the spirit of the app.

Apple’s suggestion went against the entire premise on which this app was built. So Gill decided not to take their suggestions to modify the app to be in compliance with App Store rules. Instead, Quoth Steve Jobs, now exists as a web app that only provides quotes from the Apple legend.

For those of you that are interested you can get the app and your daily fill of Quoth Steve quotes here.

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