Monday, March 17, 2014

Popcorn Time Resurrected As Promised

Torrent-based Streaming App Popcorn Time certainly has had a wild ride this week! Over the course of the past week the app went live, was killed off and removed and has now been resurrected.

As reported over the weekend,  the original creators of Popcorn Time bid a fond farewell to the app due to undo pressure from their overnight success and what was sure to be even more impending questions over the legality of the service. Following the announcement they'd be dropping any further development of the project it was reported that YTS (Yiffy Torrents) would be taking up the projects.

Today however, it appears as though that might not be the case. Following TorrentFreak's initial reports, YTS contradicted Jduncanator, writing on its homepage that "YTS is not taking over, and is in no way affiliated with Popcorn Time… Popcorn Time is a community driven project, not owned nor maintained by a single person or entity."

While it looks like YTS wants to distance itself from the project, likely due to legal concerns,  and insuring there isn’t a single entity here that Hollywood’s lawyers can attack, the development continues with a newly released installer and a new back-end. 

For those of you that tested out the earlier app, you'll need to uninstall any previous version and install the latest beta. For those that haven't tested it yet and would like to test out the new Popcorn Time, checkout the Github page for the project , but keep in mind, streaming pirated movies is still illegal and could eventually put you into some legal hot water. Stream at your own risk.

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