Tuesday, October 28, 2014

For $7 Per Month Microsoft Will Give You Unlimited Cloud Storage Along With Office 365

Microsoft has just made everyone an offer that may be to good to refuse! Starting this week all Office 365 customers will get unlimited OneDrive storage at no additional cost. This means that for as little as $7 per month you can sign-up and get all the storage you could ever use and even better have full access to Microsoft Office 365.

According to the OneDrive Blog announcement the offer will be open to all Office 365 Home, Personal, and University customers. This is where the $7 per month comes in — it’s the base rate for a 365 Personal subscription when you pay annually. So not only will you be able to access unlimited cloud storage, you also get access to Microsoft's entire Office suite — Word, Excel, OneNote, Powerpoint, Publisher, and even Access and Outlook — on both your main computer and your tablet.  

For just $10 per month you can add a home account and use up to 5 PCs, details are still sparse on University accounts however for those that do have .EDU access this may be a good time to claim your free Office 365 program.

As for those with business accounts Microsoft has said corporate customers will have to wait a bit longer for their unlimited accounts to kick in. "For OneDrive for Business customers, unlimited storage will be listed on the Office 365 roadmap in the coming days and we will begin updating the First Release customers in 2015, aligned with our promise to provide ample notification for significant service changes," wrote Chris Jones, corporate vice president of Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint.

The free upgrade will roll out to all subscribers “over the coming months,” Microsoft says. Existing subscribers can jump ahead in line by signing up through Microsoft's website. 

So is this deal too good to pass up? As both an Office/OneDrive and Google Docs/Drive user I'm personally pretty tempted to jump on it. What are your thoughts, contribute your comments below!

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