Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Need Help With Your Contracts? New Online Tool Will Review Them For You

Singing contracts and other legal documents without fully understanding what you are agreeing to can, and often does, have disastrous results. All too often getting a little legal help can save the day. Unfortunately, that help usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Enter LawGeex, a new online platform that uses artificial intelligence. to scan and dissect those agreements to offer you a little help finding and detailing those pesky clauses that you may over look.

LawGeex offers what it calls the world's first contract review platform based on A.I. The goal, it says, is to help businesses and individuals "get a fair deal" before signing an agreement.The service is a pretty straight-forward one, users simply upload one of over 30 supported contract types including employment agreements, NDAs, service agreements, and leases.

LawGeex's A.I. platform then uses its array of technologies to compare the contract against a database of thousands of similar ones. They then send your contract over to one of their "real life lawyers" to check the results. Finally you'll receive a full report showing you the results of the items they have scanned with flags detailing anything that needs extra attention.

Explained in simple terms, the final analysis you receive from LawGeex -- which is stated at being delivered within 24 hours, or on the next business day -- aims to ensure that users know exactly what they’re agreeing to. Included in that report are a summary, a contract score, and information such as clause explanations, negotiating tips, and sample language for missing clauses.

“The driving force behind LawGeex is the belief that no one should sign a contract that they don’t fully understand," said Noory Bechor, the company's cofounder and CEO, a commercial lawyer himself.

At this time anyone can use LawGeex for free to scan and analyze employment agreements. However, they are working to add additional types of personal contracts, such as residential rental agreements, in the next few weeks, and more free contract types in the coming months.

For users that are looking for help with other types of agreements, LawGeex covers 30 in all, there are several pricing options including a one time $49.99 review or a $79.99/mo subscription for up to 2 reviews per month.

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