Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Service Offers Diners Free Uber Rides to Select Restaurants

Gearing up for a night out on the town but don't know where to go? A new service offers adventurous users free Uber rides for trying out new restaurants in the area.The brainchild of 16 year old internet wiz kid Daniel Singer, founder of multiple tech start-up, aims to help restaurants fill empty tables while making it easy for consumers to try new establishments.

Customers can sign up for the free service by sending the “cake” emoji to Once they are registered, the team at will determine restaurants that have availability/open tables and send an invite to the customer detailing the establishment and the time of the reservation. If the customer accepts the invite, an Uber car will be sent to provide a free ride to the restaurant. If the customer is not interested in the restaurant or available times, they can simply decline the invite. Restaurants benefit by bringing in new customers and the consumers are happy to get free rides to try out a new venue.

“With, consumers can feel like a VIP with a car showing up at their door to take them out for a great meal,” said creator Daniel Singer. “While they do still have to pay for the food, makes the evening easier and less stressful. Restaurants that sign up now have a new way to help fill tables during slow times of the week and consumer are exposed to new dining establishments. It’s a win-win!” is currently available to consumers in three markets including Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco and services and unknown selection of restaurants. Don't worry we are working to see if they have a list of restaurants that are currently available and we will update our posting once they do!

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