Thursday, June 02, 2016

Find Your iPhone Using Google's New Phone Locator

Android smartphone owners are undoubtedly familiar with using Google's Android device manager to track and locate their lost Android devices. However, Google has pushed things a step further with a new option to locate lost and missing devices.

Dubbed, Find your phone, this new feature allows to you find just about any device that has been setup on your Google account in a few simple steps. You can not only locate your phone or tablet, but also lock and call it, secure your account, leave a callback number on the screen, and more. The best part is the new feature isn't limited to just Android devices, it can now be used on iOS devices, and soon, you’ll also be able to access it by searching Google for “I lost my phone.”

To get started using the Find your phone feature you'll need to make sure you have your Google account setup on each of your devices. From there you can access it via the Find your phone section of the My Account page for your Google account. Click on it and you will see a list of the devices -- including phones, tablets, Android and iOS devices -- on which you have signed in with your Google account.

Once you choose your iOS device you'll see five suggestions, unfortunately not all of these suggestions will work - more on that below. Here are the current options available, all of these will work on Android devices, just not iOS
  • Find and lock your iPhone
  • Try calling your phone
  • Sign out on your phone
  • Reach out to your carrier
  • Reach out for local help
As mentioned not all of these suggestions will work for iPhone or iPad users because as unfortunate as it is Apple doesn't allow certain third parties to take control of an iOS device. Therefore Google has linked many of the features to so users can use the built in Apple services. For instance if you click the Find and lock your iPhone option you'll be sent over to iCloud where you can then locate your iPhone on a map or enable Lost Mode to remotely lock your phone. For Android users that very same option gives you Ring and Locate buttons to call your device or locate it on a map without leaving the page or signing into iCloud.

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