Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Few Crazy Sites You Might Not Otherwise See

Here are a few sites that I've found while using Stumbleupon. I Stumbledupon a posting at Listropolis and thought I'd expand on what they already had. They range from wildly amazing to completely bizarre. Just a warning most all of these sites require flash and some require Adobe Shockwave.

  1. ZoomQuilt 2004, a collaborative art project that seemlessly integrates several scenes. You zoom through some random bizzare art works. This is not the original site, but it is the original file. There is also the ZoomQuilt II 2007, it showcase new art work that is a bit on the darker side.
  2. Treasure Box, this flash based game makes you work at moving the little red object ball down through the maze. You'll need to figure out what items to click on and where. A tip, timing and positioning are key in some areas.
  3. Superbad, a collection of random images and writing, click different object on each page takes you to a different part of what I'd say is the story line.
  4. Samorost 1 and Samorost 2, this is another zanny site where as you must click the proper progression of links in order to proceed.
  5. Medijate, the site was supposedly designed to help with meditation however some of the music is a bit creepy. It does offer some cool mouseover effects and unique imagery.
  6. Nobodyhere, this site is really inexplicable, it has random musing and random thoughts that really led nowhere. But its interesting to see where it might take you.
  7. Sugar Free Ink, a progression of links takes you through some odd mainly black and white art work. The background music is pretty cool. As a suggestion instead of randomly clicking the image use the tab key to highlight links., otherwise you might be going back and forth forever.
  8. Hoogerbrugge.com, there are several odd animations featuring the character, Hoogerbrugge, performing different acts.
  9. Neave.com, featuring work from interactive designer Paul Neave. Everything on this site is absolutely amazing!
  10. ertdfgcvb.ch, this shockwave based site features some really cool effects and a few games that are pretty interesting.
  11. SpecialDeFects, is another site that is pretty indescribable. It features several things in one amazingly well designed site. Click the little white ball to change from feature to feature.
  12. DontClick.it, this site was designed to study how we interacte with web pages and the habitual use of mouse clicks. Once past the first page you should be able to navigate the entire site without a click of the mouse.
  13. dhteumeuleu.com this is great site composed of visual effects using dynamic html animation only, complete with source code. All these scripts can be used freely under under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.

These are just a few of my favorites. I know there are several more great sites out there and I'd love to see some of them. So if anyone has any that aren't listed please feel free to leave a comment below and I'll check tthem out.

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