Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100 The PC Case With A Fridge

Thermaltake has officially announced the Xpressar RCS100; the world’s first DC-inverter-type micro-refrigeration cooling system for a PC.

Essentially what Thermaltake has done is combine its Xaser VI computer case with a minimized compressor that is widely applied in air conditioners and refrigerators to cool the extreme heating sources of our systems.

Apparently, the Xpressar RCS100 was able to cool an Intel Core 2 intel core 2 Duo E8400, which had been overclocked to 4.05 GHz, down to 35-degrees Celsius. Thermaltake claims that the Xpressar will keep your systems 20-degrees cooler than the average water-cooling system. As well, with a single 120 mm fan running at 1600 RPM, the noise in the system is claimed to be a near inaudible 20 dB. Somehow it seems hard to believe that the system’s condenser pump would also be that quiet however.

Currently the Xpressar is only compatible with Intel LGA775/LGA1366 systems and certain motherboards. Power requirements are upwards of 50 watts, Thermaltake recommends using a power-supply that can support the system hardware plus an additional 100 watts for headroom.

Compatible Motherboards List
  • MSI: P45 Diamond / P45 Platinum / P45D3 Platinum / P7N Diamond (Only for one VGA card plug in 4th slot) / P7N2 Diamond (Only for one VGA card plug in 4th slot) / X48C Platinum (Only for one VGA card plug in 4th slot)
  • Gigabyte: EP45-DQ6 / EP45T Extreme (DDR3) / EP45 Extreme (DDR2) / X48T-DQ6 (DDR3) / X48-DQ6 (DDR2)
  • Asus: Blitz Formula / P5Q / P5QC / P5Q Pro / P5Q Deluxe / P5E Deluxe

There is no word on price yet however given the nearly $300 price tag of the Thermaltake Xaser VI we can expect it to be fairly expensive.

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