Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Intel Releases 3 Low Cost CPUs

Intel announced a new string of low-cost quad-core and Core 2 Duo desktop processors as well as a new budget Celeron D model.

Intel's first offering is a new 45-nanometer Q8200 at $224 (currently priced $199 @ Newegg), one of the least expensive quad-core chips that the company now offers. The processor has a front-side bus speed of 1333 MHz a core clock speed of 2.33GHz and 4MB of cache memory. The new chip lacks Intel’s Trusted Execution Technology and seems to lack Intel’s Virtualization Technology as well

The pricing point places it between the venerable Q6600 and the Q9300, both of which have larger caches, higher speed ratings and VT meaning they are going to be better selection. This leaves many people wondering why Intel would release such a crippled CPU at this price point.

Intel also shows a new E series Core 2 Duo processor. The E5200 is priced at $84, the lowest-cost Core 2 Duo chip on the list. It has a core clock speed of 2.5GHz, 2MB of cache memory, and an 800MHz front-side bus.

Finally Intel lists a new Celeron D processor for $53. The 450 slots in above the current 440. The 450 runs at 2.2GHz, has 512K of cache memory, and an 800MHz front-side bus.

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