Monday, June 08, 2009

3DMark Records Fall At Lords of Overclocking Competition

Last week Futuremark Corporation released winners' details from the first two weeks of their Lords of Overclocking competition and revealed that halfway through the four week contest the 3DMark06 world record has already fallen twice. Since then it appears as though competition has heated up and the record may be set to fall yet again.

Overclockers are competing to achieve the highest score with 3DMark06, a benchmarking program from Futuremark that measures the 3D gaming performance capabilities of PCs. So far the contest has attracted over 120,000 entries from around the world.

Week 1 Top Scores

  • Lord of Europe - Sampsa Kurri - 35924 3DMarks
  • Lord of Americas - Andre Yang - 37353 3DMarks – new world record!
  • Lord of Asia - Goddy Roodt - 33937 3DMarks

Top 15 in each region, week 1:

Week 2 Top Scores

  • Lord of Europe - Haakon - 37004 3DMarks
  • Lord of Americas - Kevin Wu - 37839 3DMarks – record broken again
  • Lord of Asia - HWA OC Team - 34989 3DMarks

Top 15 in each region, week 2:

Week 3 Top Scores - just released

  • Lord of Europe - Benchbrothers - 36720
  • Lord of Americas - 3151768 - 37342
  • Lord of Asia - Hwa Oc Team - 35332

Winners will receive a selection of prizes from contest sponsors MSI, Huntkey, Thermaltake, GlacialTech, Enermax and Patriot Memory.

The contest also rewards random winners for taking part, even if their PCs are unlikely to match the scores achieved by the world’s best overclockers. Congratulations then go out to the random winners from the first two weeks.

At this point there are just over five days left in the competition and it looks like there will be another record set as the top spot right now is listed as 38639 3DMarks by user Onepagebook.

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