Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still Using The Windows 7 Beta, Its Time To Upgrade

Beginning on Wednesday users that are still running the Windows 7 Beta will face spontaneous reboots every two hours. The beta software came equipped with this little annoyance as a way for Microsoft to push users into upgrading to the newest releases.

Computers with begin shutting down, then restarting, all in the attempt to get you to either move to the release candidate or install another one of Microsoft's operating systems before the Windows 7 Beta deadline of Aug. 1, when the operating system will completely shut down.

The only way users can avoid being plagued by this major annoyance is to download and install the release candidate (which you all should have by now anyways) or as mentioned you'll need to reinstall your old OS. The Windows 7 RC will be available until Aug. 15 so you have plenty of time to download and install it.

Just keep in mind that Microsoft blocks installation of the RC when the newer edition recognizes that the PC is running Windows 7 Beta, users must do a "clean install," which will wipe out all the all the data and applications you currently have. However, Microsoft did publish instructions on how to work around that block; the fix requires editing of the Windows registry. It sounds tricky but its really not that bad.

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