Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Google Launches New Translator Toolkit

Looking to expand on the capabilities of Google Translate Google has launched the new Google Translator Toolkit, an easy-to-use editor that enables translators to add their own personal touch to the standard machine translations found in most online translator tools.

With the new Google Translator Toolkit users can load various articles into the toolkit which will then translate the article to the language of choice. Then the user has the option of correcting any mistakes made by the automatic translation, allowing them to then publish the newly corrected page.

The translator toolkit is composed of the following tabs:

  • Translation Search Results: Google will search their translation memories for previous, human translations of the current segment and show the translations in the Search Results tab. If there was a previous human translations that exactly matches the current segment the results will be shown as a color-code segment as an 'exact match' translation. If no 'exact match' translations exist the toolkit will search for translations of sentences similar to the current segment and show those 'partial match' translations. By using previous, human translations as reference, you can find just the right words to adapt the current segment to its own context.
  • Computer Translation: Sometimes, even partial matching of previous human translations may come up empty. In those cases, you can use our computer-generated translation in the Computer Translation tab to jump-start your translation of the current segment.
  • Glossary: When available the toolkit will also search Google's multilingual glossaries to help you translate specific terminology for your language. For example, even native Spanish speakers may have trouble finding the right words to translate "particle accelerator" from English into Spanish. To help translate such terms, you can use our multilingual glossary to find definitions and (when available) exact translations of vague or hard-to-translate terminology.
  • Dictionary: You can use the Dictionary tab to do custom searches on our multilingual dictionaries. Dictionaries are only available for a limited set of languages. See Dictionaries and glossaries for details.

As you translate each segment the toolkit will save your translations to either Google's shared translation memory or to a translation memory of your own choosing. Thus, you and other users can save time in future translations by reusing your previous translations as reference.

For now the toolkit is only integrated into Google's Knol and Wikipedia, however it does support common document types including Word and HTML.

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