Thursday, October 06, 2011

Best Buy Temporarily Prices HTC Flyer At $99

Social networks exploded with posts this morning after it was discovered over night that was listing the HTC Flyer on sale for $99. Geeks scurried to stores to get a bargain basement deal on the 7 inch Android based tablet only to be told that is was a pricing mistake and stores would not honor it. While some geeks where lucky enough to talk the retail associates into honoring the sale most weren't so lucky. Prompting several complaints via social media.

The official word from Best Buy corporate, is that this was a mistake on their website and the stores are not to honor the price.

At current, the best buy page to buy an HTC Flyer, even at normal retail price, is oddly missing from the Best Buy site. Also strangely missing from the site any mention of HTC in the list of brand names available for tablets. Its as if Best Buy completely wiped the tablet from their system.

To add even more mystery to the puzzle sites like are reporting that customers are seeing sale signs listing the $99 price tad in stores all across the US.

Could this be a preview of a Sunday sale? Or was it really just a snafu that spread like wildfire?

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