Monday, October 24, 2011

Steve Jobs Biography Released Today Already Tops Best Sellers List

Today marked the official release date of the much anticipated biography of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. The book, which has already received raving reviewers debuted today at the top of both Amazon's and Barnes & Nobles' bestseller lists and will likely top almost any list out there before the end of the week.

So far the biography has garnered good reviews -- including one from the New York Times in which New York Times reviewer Janet Maslin wrote "Here is an encyclopedic survey of all that Mr. Jobs accomplished, replete with the passion and excitement that it deserves."

Isaacson, the onetime editor of Time magazine and author of biographies on Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, "has given us a nuanced portrait of the brilliant, mercurial, complicated genius," said Entertainment Weekly's Tina Jordan of what she called the "occasionally workmanlike ... thoughtful, broadly sourced" book.

"Isaacson has taken the complete measure of the man. This is a biography as big as Steve Jobs," Jordan concluded.

The Washington Post lauded the book for its scope -- "on the one hand a history of the most exciting time in the age of computers," and "a textbook study of the rise and fall and rise of Apple," as well as "a gadget-lover's dream."

"But more than anything," wrote the Post's Michael Rosenwald, "Isaacson has crafted a biography of a complicated, peculiar personality" which succeeded in showing how Job's character shaped great technological innovations.

Can't get enough Steve Jobs?

If the book wasn't enough for you then you then I suggest checking out some of the various media events and interviews that have been airing. The Remembering Steve memorial, now streaming on Apple's website, is the company's 80-minute tribute to the life of Steve Jobs, featuring speeches by Apple CEO Tim Cook, head of design Jonathan Ive, and Al Gore. It originally aired on October 19 and is a much watch in my opinion.

Jobs's biographer Walter Isaacson was on "60 Minutes" last night with an indepth no holds barred interview in which Isaacson spoke candidly about his experiences with Jobs. Part one and two are now available for streaming on CBS's website.

I also recommend checking out the Discovery Channel's tribute  iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World. It was hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of, one of my favorite shows and I'm sure yours too, MythBusters.

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