Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walking Dead Fans Can Purchase The Season 2 Survivor Pack Of Gerber gear

Fans of the hit AMC show the Walking Dead might be wondering where they can get their hands on the cool arsenal of deadly knives, machetes and axes the Walking Dead survivors stumbled upon in the season 2 premier that aired last Sunday. Well the good news is they are available from Gerber knives.

This past Sunday, with the Season 2 premiere of The Walking Dead, Mutt Industries and media partner Poh Media unveiled a campaign integrating Gerber gear as key survival tools for the characters. Through out the show you might have noticed integration of advertising directing viewers to The Walking Dead Facebook page and to Gerber's online websites. (If you missed it don't feel bad so did I).

Throughout the season viewers will be directed to and Gerber's Facebook page that includes an Apocalypse Survival tab giving fans a chance to win tools featured on the show.  Due to the  heavy traffic of ravenous fans looking for more information on the arsenal of weapons the Gerber site was hit with intermittent crashes. Given the initial success of the launch Gerber is now considering releasing full packs for purchase. At this time the Gerber Apocalypse site features all the individual items for sale.

Gerber's Facebook page garnered over 3,000 new Likes and much online discussion within the first eighteen hours of the episode having aired. An episode which shattered basic cable records accumulating 7.3 million viewers, becoming the biggest telecast for any drama in basic cable history.

I know I for one was looking up the info to see if I could buy the survival pack. I mean you never know when a zombie apocalypse might hit and you might need to chop off some heads.


  1. Anonymous5:06 AM

    where can you purchase the walking dead press kits for season 2

  2. You might contact AMC directly


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