Saturday, August 25, 2012

Possible Fix For Poor MacBook Battery Life Released

Apple has released an update to the company's newly released Mountain Lion OSX 10.8 operating system that may fix a previously mentioned issue that has caused many users to complain about poor battery life.

Apple made no direct mention of the issue in the release notes for the OS X 10.8.1 update, which was released on Thursday. However, several sites including Ars Technica have reported that initial testing has revealed that the update can "significantly improve" the runtime of Apple laptops over the original shipping version of Mountain Lion.

Following the initial release of Apple's OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion threads quickly began popping up on the Apple support forums and complaints quickly mounted around the web. Users reported seeing significantly less battery life after installing the new OS. Several sites, including Ars Technica did their own independent testing with results showing anywhere from a 20-40% drop in estimated battery life when running Mountain Lion versus Lion. Under Lion, user were reporting consistent 8-hour battery life which quickly plummeted shortly after installing Mountain Lion. Running the same software, battery life plummeted to just over 5 hours in many cases.

Apple has yet to address the reason behind the problem, nor have they offered suggestions for a fix. It appears however that they have been working on the issue as testing on the new update has showed vast improvements. According to the tests from Ars and similar results posted on The Mac Observer showed that battery life improved significantly over 10.8.0, but still fell short of performance under 10.7.4. So users shouldn't expect to see a complete return to their old estimated battery life but the improvement is clearly a step in the right direction.

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