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Successful Multiplayer Gaming In Diablo 3

The following is a guest post from Clive Bokley from EasyDiablo3. Apart from posting news and other updates regularly on his site, they also do in-depth guide reviews such as this Diablo 3 Gold Secrets review.

My Guide to Successful Multiplayer gaming in Diablo 3

Multiplayer is a big aspect in many games nowadays, and Diablo 3 is no different. Like everything else that requires human interaction however, there will always be some quirks you should know about. Never fear though, because if you follow the upcoming tips you should have a pretty smooth experience.

Don’t run off on your own
This was a big problem in Diablo 2 and Blizzard has done many changes to prevent it from happening in Diablo 3 (such as very hard multiplayer mobs, instantized loot for each player, shared quest rewards, etc), but I am still surprised to see some people doing it anyway. For example, it’s not the first time someone joins the game that is about “Area A” but keeps insisting he wants to go to “Area B”, at which point he does, fails miserably, and leaves. Always stick with the main party!

Don’t idle in towns
This is similar to the previous point, but worst. I don’t know exactly why people do this but in 1 out of 2 games there is always some guy that joins the game and just idles in town. This is not only blocking real players from joining the game, but it is also making the monsters harder for the other players. If people want to manage their inventory space, they can just start up a single player session! To make things worse, the “Vote Kick” option doesn’t seem to work.

Don’t join a ranged only party
This isn’t really something you can change, but trust me, don’t stick around in parties that consist of only ranged classes. In 90% of the cases these result in utter failure. My best party combination has been one Barbarian plus one Demon Hunter, but I am sure other setups work too. Just make sure you vary!

Avoid trading
There are so many trade exploits going on at the moment that the only safe tip I can give you in this regards is to simply not trade with anyone you do not know. These trade scams are usually done in two ways:
  • The Dropper – The scammer will close the trade window as soon as you are about to put the item in, causing you to drop it on the ground. You can tell this is going to happen because the scammer will usually stand really close to you or equip +Movement Speed boots. Another variation of this scam is where the scammers tells you to move your item to a different slot to make sure it isn’t duped, at which point he closes the window (resulting in the same thing as the previous method).
  • The Changer – This method involves the scammer putting in a set amount of gold (ex. 250,000), waits for you to put the item in, then executes a script that quickly removes a “0” from the amount and accepts the trade. Most players either don’t notice or were about to click accept anyway, so they get scammed. Variations to this include changing the gold amount to “0”, or removing an item.

Know the mechanics
If you plan on farming in multiplayer, there are some things you should know about. Since most farmers make use of Magic Find or Gold Find, you should know that both of these properties as well as + Experience is averaged out in parties. So for example:
  • Player 1 has 50 MF
  • Player 2 has 100 MF
  • Player 3 and 4 have 0 MF
Using basic maths, (50+100)/4 results in 38 (37.5 rounded up) Magic Find for each player. Thus, farming parties should preferably have an equal MF across the board.

Hope these tips have helped you. Happy gaming!

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