Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Selects Rep. Paul Ryan For Vice Presidential Nominee

Here at Geek News we really talk politics, well not the sort that involve the choice of who you might vote for. While I am very political and have my own personal opinions I don't feel that it fits with the nature of the site. Now saying that I'd like to state this post in no means reflects my thoughts or opinions about the up-coming election, rather its about informing my fellow geeks about one of their possible choices.

Earlier this morning Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his choice for a vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin. Ryan is currently chairman of the House Budget Committee, which has a say in shaping military spending and the overall budget for the US. Ryan's stance on spending and our current economic issues are going to be a key factor in the race, however being the geeks we are its his stance on technology issues that we'd like to focus on.

On technology related issues like net neutrality bills, Ryan has generally voted along party lines. Which is to say Ryan opposed the majority of the bills that most geeks would find offensive. Ryan initially approved of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), but backed down in the face of a pressure campaign from internet-freedom supporters. He has voted to extend the Patriot Act’s roving wiretaps and to immunize telecom companies from legal liabilities for cooperating with warrantless government surveillance, a move we aren't widely open to. But more importantly he has co-sponsored a ban on internet taxes, a ban that might save us geeks some significant money and one that we applaud. 

Ryan is most widely know in political circles for his 2010 Roadmap for America’s Future, a document outlining a Republican legislative agenda that’s come to be known as the Ryan Plan. It was wildly successful, and helped the GOP take control of the House. While not being directly science of technology related Ryan’s plan is about transforming health care, Social Security, the budget process, taxes, and other major domestic legislation. He wants to over turn the Obama Health Care Pla, which we couldn't support more!

I don't know that the two together make a strong ticket that would be worthy of garnering geek support. But what I do know is that we as geeks will be keeping a close on eye on the political race. We need people in office that will fight ridiculous legislation like SOPA and fight to keep an open internet.

For more on Ryan's political insight checkout Paul Ryan on the Issues.

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